Once the champagne settled…

I just realised that with a 32-member senbatsu:

1) There is going to be a whole lot of backdancers

2) Fitting that many people on stage is going to be very challenging

3) For those of you who have your oshis there, there’s going to be some complaining about how airtime is distributed. (Unless said MV runs the length of a sitcom)

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Watanabe Miyuki takes the Janken Champion!

As much I as i want to laugh at how improbabilities still lead to rather predictable member formations, I am rather pleased.

For one, there’s now legit space for her to do a song parodying all her overplayed scandals?

How about “Doctor Whatever” or “Gone Fishing”, with some classic OTT to match?

After all, nothing says comeback like bouncing back from bad news to take wins and shock AKS internet fandom.

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damn what the hell did you guys say?!??!

For those who were wondering, the “women” whom they were interviewing lost their cool and wanted to speak with their parent/person in charge of the show (which was Sasshi/Goto, since they were operating by microphone commands)

Hope this helps!

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AKB48-Themed Asks 


Reblog if you’d like some of these in your inbox!

Sakura no Hanabiratachi: Was your graduation a happy memory or a sad one? Or if you’re still in school, is it something you look forward to or dread?
Skirt, Hirari: How old were you when you first fell in love?

Looking forward to answering some questions to round off the weekend.

Paging my tumblr followers! 

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Nicholas Reviews The Next Girls Single 


So I finally do have material to talk about, which in this case is the release of AKB48’s latest. Kokoro no Placard.

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On another note, a question for those who read this till the end: I am certain most followers of the 48 Groups definitely do support girls outside…

As usual you are always the first (and maybe only) one to reply. Agree with what you said, that if you ranked the first time, strategy would have been the last thing on your mind, as you thanked your fans for their votes! :D

Maybe I should also throw in this curveball thought that came to me when I was at work. What if the rank was more important, given that they got more than enough exposure in their “home group” songs. A good example was probably the NMB senbatsu, where they probably aimed for higher ranks than last year.

On the other hand, the SKE fans are old hands at sending underexposed faces to the forefront. The girls that are never seen on the A-sides for some reason get massive pushes by fan votes (shibata aya, futamura haruka), while they vote sparingly for “the management choices”. But then again that’s an anti-management sentiment exclusive to SKE.

The reason why I came up with that question though, was cause in the earlier days, the whole “screen time in correlation to your rank” was way bigger.

Back in 2012, when I first got into the group and made Umeda Ayaka my Kami Oshi, I thought it was annoying that despite her amazing story (and hard work) that took her to 16th, she was still given less time than when she was UG Center. And to think back then, her first belief was that being in Senbatsu meant greater exposure.

To that, my Sato Amina supporting friend said sagely (now that I think of it) “Being in Senbatsu means you get to go on the show, but it does not mean that the cameras would find you on the show.” They still choose who they wanna shoot.

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Man, they be cross-shopping members across the 48 groups for the latest senbatsu single like I cross-shop for new PC parts.

Still not a bad thing anyway, the pick and mix means you end up with a rather decent mix of members, and I like some sister group members a lot more these days.

Chalk that down to hours of variety show viewing, I guess

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true story

Reblogging a classic for kicks.

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After some time spent planning, and a weekend offline, I do have a new computer that nicely balances the gaming and larger-screen viewing of stuff!

After some time spent planning, and a weekend offline, I do have a new computer that nicely balances the gaming and larger-screen viewing of stuff!

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My Sister’s Life As A Fangirl

So my sister in some ways did go from being able to recognise most K-pop artistes to recognising some of my J-pop interests, notably AKB48.

The back story: She does enjoy SNSD, and asks me about their recent progress, including giving me an opinion or two on their latest single. But I have never been able to translate that interest into Japanese content.

Thanks to “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” though, she’s able to recognise three girls, and always ask me to play that song when I am watching any AKB48 concert. Granted, its just Oshima Yuko (whom she calls the one that acts), Sashihara Rino (whom she calls the funny and kinda pretty one) and Watanabe Mayu (whom she calls the even better looking one, like a sunshine girl)

Still all these nonsensical descriptions are an improvement over plain indifference. Now, if I could get her to care about Morning Musume, stop calling Perfume “annoying digital noise”, and take an interest in my oshi, I would have succeeded in greater terms. 

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Nicholas Reviews The Next Girls Single

So I finally do have material to talk about, which in this case is the release of AKB48’s latest. Kokoro no Placard.

So why would I start off with a B-side review, and not even the Undergirls at that? Because this was the first song that caught my attention, and there are a fair amount of people I like among these ranks.

So here goes the video review, with some personal commentary and observations.

On another note, I do thank the guy who watermarked the videos for providing me with a file that can be viewed on my Mac. I am not so tech inclined to the point to rip blu-rays/DVDs that I own.


So the video opens with the girls  stuntmen on bikes.

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